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Holidays in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a city where heaps of historical evidence relating to the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods has been uncovered. The modern European layout is a dramatic contrast to how the metropolis looked back in its beginnings, which was in 350 BC. Aside from being known as the home of many important churches, monuments, and statues, Thessaloniki is also a hub for people who love watching live entertainment. Some of the best concerts and shows can be watched at the National Theatre of Nor and at Vassiliko Theatre. Shopping at Bezesteni Market and Modiano Market will give you a true taste of Greece, as will a trip to the ancient ruins that lure in thousands of holidaymakers to Thessaloniki every single month. When you add the sandy crescent bays located nearby, it becomes clear that this city all you need for a memorable break in Greece.

Top Thessaloniki Resorts


Panorama is a wealthy suburb that has a relaxed vibe and old-school setting that makes it such a postcard-perfect destination. Over the years, the population has crept up, not to mention the number of tourists flocking to Panorama annually. Why do you think it got its name in the first place? Stay until the sun sets and watch from one of the area viewpoints. Since Panorama is snuggled within a section of Thessaloniki, it is located near lots of attractions and landmarks.


If you are on the hunt for a place that oozes culture, Langadas is a town that you must add to your itinerary. It makes up part of the northeast part of Thessaloniki region. You can meet friendly locals as you venture to the Village of Perivolaki and Village of Chryssavgi, which are two traditional villages located in Lagadas. This part of Northern Greece has a special character and due to the fact it is developing slowly and is managing to hold onto its Grecian roots.


Getting your tan on won't be a struggle when you see the beaches of Asprovalta. This town is believed to have been built back in the 16th-century, according to the manuscript that is concealed inside the Mount Athos Simonopetra. Picturesque views of the ocean can be admired from most parts of Asprovalta, where the main points of interest are Cavo Paradiso bar and the region's handful of authentic eateries.


Whether you’re seeking an authentic side to Greece or simply want to savour some of the island’s best dishes, there’s plenty of charm in the traditional town of Kaloh-ri. Holidays to Thessaloniki are all about a slower pace of life, with winding streets making way for traditional tavernas and small beaches offering a dose of sunshine alongside plenty of peace and quiet. Catering well for families as well as groups, it spells the ideal getaway for those looking to island-hop. Better still, couples will enjoy the enchanting sunsets that take over the skies – perfect with a cold drink in a local bar.


Fancy delving into some of Ancient Greece’s fascinating history? Sindos is the best place to do it. An ancient city easily found on your holidays to Thessaloniki, it is one of the area’s most notable archaeological sites and boasts plenty for those with a penchant for the past. Make your way around its ruins as you catch a glimpse into what Thessaloniki looked like years ago, before settling at a local bar or restaurant for a drink. As well as its captivating culture, Sindos also boasts beautiful weather – ideal for those in search of sunshine.


A quiet Greek village with picturesque views, a visit to ThŽrmivv offers the opportunity to be led off the beaten-track and away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Take long strolls through countryside and stumble upon quiet beaches where you’re the only visitors. Fancy a bite to eat? Holidays to Thessaloniki boast plenty in the way of great restaurants and excellent tavernas, and you’ll never be too far away from a family-run eatery serving up the best in Greek cuisine. Tempt your taste-buds with new experiences – you’re bound to return sooner or later.

Hotels in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki | Halkidiki | Greece

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Triple, Bed and breakfast

£ 783.21

per person


Thessaloniki | Halkidiki | Greece

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room, Bed and breakfast

£ 763.91

per person


Thessaloniki | Halkidiki | Greece

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room, Room only

£ 440.32

per person


Thessaloniki | Halkidiki | Greece

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room / single room, Bed and breakfast

£ 269.64

per person


Thermaikos | Halkidiki | Greece

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Family room, Bed and breakfast

£ 367.05

per person


Thessaloniki | Halkidiki | Greece

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room / single room, Room only

£ 525.18

per person


Things to Do in Thessaloniki

Exploring Thessaloniki...

Brain Game Escape Room

If you like the feeling of being a hero (let's face it, who doesn't?) then you should definitely be a part of the Brain Game Escape Room. There are numerous rooms, stories, and rules in this game. Ideal for groups, competitive people, and those who want to take on a challenge in a unique setting, this is designed for team building.

White Tower of Thessaloniki

Possibly the most recognisable landmark and most photographed structure in the city is the White Tower of Thessaloniki. Perfectly positioned on the waterfront, the museum and monument have a long, and rich history. Spend some time at the monument to learn about its roots and why it is considered a symbol of the city. Formerly used as a prison and also, by the Janissaries as the guard's quarters, the White Tower dates back to the 15th-century and was initially built as a defensive structure. This explains why its condition is so well-maintained today.

Dinosaur Park

Travelling to Thessaloniki with the kids or as a group? If so, take the opportunity to visit Dinosaur Park. Located approximately a 30-minute drive from the city centre, it is connected with the Mammoth Museum and has been open to the public since 2008. Covering 30,000 square metres, the local attraction will entertain and educate all ages. It’s home to the largest real-size dinosaur exhibition in Europe. This unique park also exhibits the fossils of today's mammals, as well as fossils from mammals that roamed the land in ancient times.

Thessaloniki Beaches

Despite being most famous for its historical and notable structures, the Thessaloniki beaches are another reason to visit. They have white sand, are family-friendly, and include Perea beach, Agia Triada beach, Epanomi beach, and Asprovalta beach.

Food and Drink in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Cuisine

The people of Greece tuck into a heart-healthy diet that consists of numerous staple ingredients, such as pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, and grains. Expect plenty of the dishes to be made with olives or at the very least, olive oil since the land is fertile with olive groves. Thessaloniki cuisine is typically Greek, so treat yourself to platefuls of feta cheese, lamb, and Mediterranean specialities.

Thessaloniki Restaurants

Seeking out a fine dining establishment will not be hard, with Clochard, Grada Nuevo, and 7 Thalasses being three top-rated spots for eating Greek food with a high standard of service. Takadum serves Mediterranean and Greek specialities, while Dia Xoiros is a recommended Greek steakhouse. In addition to the restaurants in Thessaloniki that dish up a Greek-style fare, you can also book a table at a wide range of European eateries.

Going to Thessaloniki with easyJet holidays

Some of the most enjoyable holidays take place in resorts near the ocean, such as Thessaloniki. Stroll down into its quiet crypts and unravel its past, chow down on pretzels from the street food stands, or rub shoulders with street artists at Navarinou Square. Save money on your trip by booking a flight and hotel in Thessaloniki at the same time with easyJet holidays.