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Holidays in Kavos

Travel Information

Language: Greek

Currency: Euros

Local time: GMT/BST +2 hours

Nearest Airport


Part of the Ionian Islands, the vibrant Greek island of Corfu is an excellent setting for those in search of sand and sea, home to the popular party and beach resort of Kavos. The perfect base for explorers and social butterflies, Kavos combines the perfect blend of adventure, nature, and nightlife – ideal for your next getaway. The seaside village has risen to prominence over the years, with young holidaymakers flocking to this sun-soaked section of the island throughout the seasons. It's not just the beachfront bars waiting to be discovered in Kavos, however. Arkoudillas Beach and Monastery are both located at the southern end of the Greek village, and the water sports scene lures in jet ski enthusiasts, windsurfers, and paragliders. With just water, sublime views and a boat journey standing between Corfu and its surrounding islands like Paxos and Antipaxos, you can uncover a whole lot of this Grecian paradise in a short space of time.

Top Kavos Resorts


You’ll have a chance to unravel the real Corfu when you visit Kavos because Lefkimi is based a short drive away. This picturesque town's history dates back to the 15th-century when the salt mining boom kicked off. As one of the most traditional towns in Corfu, Lefkimi offers a refreshing change of scenery from the nightlife that Kavos is known for. Spend a full day wandering around the island's second largest town, where you can sightsee at the promenade and make your way towards the famous salt pans. Lefkimi is also worth visiting to see the intricate architecture, cathedrals, and churches that paint a picture of the past, especially as the area was inhabited as far back as the Neolithic and Palaeolithic periods.


A fishing village proud of its traditions, Benitses has changed quite a lot over the years. However, the village is still a fine example of Greek culture. In fact, many couples choose to get wed in this dreamy destination. After all, who wouldn't want to exchange vows in front of a backdrop of azure water and lush green forest? The fertile valley and beautiful coastline are a colourful contrast amid the whitewashed buildings that scatter the village in a maze-like fashion. Comprising five unique settlements, Benitses is an eco-conscious part of Corfu, with marine conservation at the top of the list. Don't be put off by the dark blue water, though - it is this colour because it is being cleaned naturally by the Posidonia lining the seabed.


Experience the tight-knit community feel in Argyrades. This village is located in Corfu's southern region and is accessible by car from Kavos in under half hour. A quiet resort with much less going on than Kavos, Argyrades will provide you with some respite from the hustle and bustle. While the nightlife is limited in this small community, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Birdwatching enthusiasts have been known to flock to Argyrades lagoon to catch sight of tropical species.

Things to Do in Kavos

Exploring Kavos...

Aqua Land Waterpark

Described as ‘one of the most adventurous water parks in all of Europe’, Aqua Land Waterpark was designed by the person behind the Universal Studios and Disney parks design. Covering 75,000 square metres, the park is family-friendly and features a range of food and drink facilities. Enclosed by forest scenery, the park is equipped with attractions like the Black Hole, Crazy River, Deep Blue Kayak, Caribbean Pirate Adventure Pool, Kamikazes, and Hurricane Twist Slides.

Island Hopping

Exploring the islands that surround Kavos is a great way to catch some sunshine, take in the natural scenery, and indulge in a range of watersports and activities, like swimming and snorkelling. What's more, many of the islands remain uninhabited and are only visited by tourists, giving you a dose of peace and quiet on your break. Dotted around the ocean surrounding Corfu's north-west coast are the Diapontia islands. Despite the fact these islands are accessible by boat from Kavos, they have not yet experienced mass tourism and are considered a jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. Consider cycling around Mathraki, which is the smallest of the islands. Alternatively, go on a village-hopping experience on Erikousa, where six traditional villages are waiting to be discovered. Othodi, Vido, Pontikonisi, and Lazareto are four other islands accessible by boat from Corfu.


While it might not boast as many bars and clubs as Ibiza, Kavos is certainly a good place to let your hair down, sip cocktails, and dance on the beach from starlight to sunlight. Beach parties are organised on a regular basis and the main bars, like Atlantis Cavos, Ice Bar, and Future Club sometimes invite well-known DJs and musicians to perform to the waves of partygoers that spill onto the island every day.

Kavos Beaches

If you’re spending any time in the village of Agios Georgios during your trip to Kavos, you must take a walk along the long expanse of golden sand at Agios Georgios beach. A slower pace of life can also be enjoyed at Dassia beach, which looks out onto the bay and Old Town. Agios Stefanos beach can be found in nearby Mykonos or if you fancy a day of beach activities, fun and possibly, drinking, visit the most frequented beach in Kavos - Kavos main beach.

Food and Drink in Kavos

Kavos Cuisine

A healthy but indulgent diet is enjoyed by Greek people and this is no different for the people of Kavos. The ancient Greeks would feast on olives, beans, bread and goats milk and cheese, among many other locally sourced/grown ingredients. Today's food scene includes much of the same staple ingredients and since family traditions are important in Greece, you can expect to find many group-focused restaurants.

Kavos Restaurants

Dine with a group of friends or family members at Big Max Diner, which is one of the best-rated restaurants for Greek and European cuisine in a social setting. Another group-friendly restaurant is Terry's Greek and International Cuisine. For more intimate culinary experiences, take a seat inside Roussos Restaurant and devour authentic Greek food, like Païdakia or Moussaka.

Going to Kavos with easyJet holidays

You’re just a few clicks away from booking your next trip through easyJet holidays- whether you fancy soaking up the sunshine or enjoying the excellent nightlife on offer. For more travel inspiration, take a look at our destination guides. Book your accommodation and flight at the same time and you’ll make great savings on your next trip abroad.