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Holidays in Germany


Holidays in Germany

Squeeze into a set of lederhosen and enjoy a bellyful of beer at Munich’s Oktoberfest. Alternatively, enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside by heading into the wonderful scenery of the Black Forest. Germany is a country of dramatic contrasts. It’s as good a holiday destination for party animals as it is for nature lovers. That’s what makes it such an interesting and memorable place to visit. You’ll find vibrant cities that still have half an eye on the traditions and events of the past. Sat alongside them is beautiful countryside and even a few unspoiled beaches to enjoy on the northern Baltic coast. Whether you’re looking for a city break or a longer getaway, Germany holidays have everything that you could possibly want.

Many holidaymakers to Germany make a beeline for the hip and happening capital Berlin. Whether you’re a history buff or a party lover, you’ll find something to keep you occupied in Berlin. Visit famous sights such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, and learn about the city’s dramatic history. Time your visit to Berlin to take in the famous Christmas markets. There are year-round boutique shops where you can hunt for souvenirs in lively Hamburg. Those looking to explore more of Germany’s culture will love the Saxony town of Dresden. Found on the banks of the River Elbe, there are ornate palaces, churches and mansions to enjoy here. You’ll find similar traditional German towns across the country. Visit the winding streets of Hamelin and learn about the Pied Piper.

Top Germany resorts


Rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most popular destinations, Berlin is a brilliant city for a weekend break with your mates or other half. Among Berlin’s tourist hotspots are the Fernsehturm 'viewing tower', Museum Island and the city’s zoo. One of the best ways to explore Berlin is on foot, where you can admire landmarks that are both historic and modern. After a day on your feet, why not relax in one of Berlin’s huge range of bars.


Dive head first into Germany’s cultural scene by visiting the beautiful city of Hamburg. Whatever the time of year, there are several excellent museums and galleries to enjoy here, including the Museum of Hamburg History. But Hamburg really comes into its own after the sun sets. Back in the 1960s, The Beatles perfected their trade in Hamburg’s infamous red light district of the Reeperbahn. It’s still a lively area today, with plenty of live music bars.


Those in search of the great outdoors in Germany will love the region of Bavaria. The Bavarian Forest is a top-notch place to visit if you’re a keen hiker. During the winter months, the Bavarian Alps also boast some of the best ski and snowboard resorts in Germany. One of Bavaria’s most famous exports is its delicious beer. Try a glass of the local weissbier - a wheat beer often drunk with breakfast.

Things to Do in Germany

Exploring Germany


Let your hair down at one of the most famous beer events on the planet. Munich’s Oktoberfest lasts for more than a fortnight and attracts millions of party-lovers every year. You can indulge in some of the best German food and drink going, including pretzels, roast pork, ham hocks and tons of great local tipple. Live music performances keep festival-goers entertained and there are plenty of family-friendly areas, including fairground rides.


Those looking for a boogie in Germany will find everything they could wish for in Berlin. There are loads of pubs, clubs and bars to keep you occupied, with the most lively found on the eastern side of Berlin. Nightlife is lively throughout Germany. Head to Hamburg and discover a live music scene bursting with energy.

History in Cologne

Germany’s dramatic 20th century history shouldn’t distract from some of its older gems. Head to the city of Cologne and discover several beautiful Roman churches - lovingly restored after the war. You can learn more about Cologne’s Roman history by heading to the Romisch Germanisches Museum.

Beaches in Germany

A day at the beach might not be one of the first things which springs to mind when you picture holidays in Germany. But the Baltic coast at the far north of the country boasts some of the finest untouched stretches of sand in Europe. There are lots of little islands where you can get away from it all. The biggest island, Rügen, has more than 30 miles of beaches. Visit several seaside resorts, such as the popular Binz, where you can enjoy a walk along the promenade.

Food and drink in Germany

German cuisine

There’s far more to the food and drink of Germany than sausages, sauerkraut and a good beer. You’ll find lots more delicious grub on the menu, and you’ll often be surprised by the variety of the dishes. It’s often very regionalised, with fish popular along the Baltic coast. Breaded pork or chicken schnitzels, curry-wurst and ham hocks are usually available wherever you visit. For those with a sweet tooth, try a slice of Black Forest gateau or a German Christmas cookie.

Restaurants in Germany

Whatever your budget, you can tuck into some great grub in Israel. There’s some top street food on offer here, which is usually shwarma or falafel stuffed into a pita with chips. You’ll also find eateries specialising in both kosher and non-kosher cuisine, along with classic French and Palestinian dishes.

Going to Germany with easyJet holidays

Whether you’re looking for a family getaway or a lively break with your mates, Germany is a great destination. With tons of history, lively nightlife, beautiful countryside and delicious grub, Germany holidays are ideal for breaks both short or long. The best way of enjoying a trip to Germany is by booking a package with easyJet holidays. You’ll save yourself both time and hassle by booking a hotel and flight at the same time with easyJet holidays. If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at our other destination guides.


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