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Holidays to Cyprus


Life’s a beach on a Cyprus holiday. And, if you get tired of lounging on soft sands, feeling the tide between your toes, it’s easy to find another side to the Cypriot lifestyle that you’ll love. Off the beach you’ll find a hubbub of influences from Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East. A landscape packed with harbour towns, monasteries, mosques and more.

Cyprus really does manage to match the slogan ‘something for everyone’ because alongside these sleepy towns – great for laidback holidays - you’ll find clubbing-mega destinations like Ayia Napa. Couple that with waterparks for families, a foodie culture that begs to be explored and a landscape that’s staggeringly beautiful – a Cyprus holiday is the ideal destination. So, whether you’re a couple of culture vultures, a couple of party-goers, or an actual couple, a holiday to Cyprus is likely to be a hit.

From April to November, the temperatures are unlikely to drop below 15, making Cyprus one of our favourite year-round holiday destinations. Whether you need a winter warmer or summer sizzler, this romantic island should always be on the potential list of holiday destinations.

340 days of Mediterranean Sunshine. Authentic island life alongside tourist-loving resort towns. Endless stunning landscapes full of history, culture and beauty. Enough said? We’ll see you on the island then.

Popular Cyprus holiday destinations


For those of you who skipped Greek Mythology, Paphos was the birthplace of the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite. And boy did she leave a legacy. That beauty still remains there today in the plethora of historic attractions. Sights such as the Acropolis, The Tomb of Kings and the Temple of Aphrodite are all world famous sights and all can be seen on a holiday to Paphos. Away from the sights that surround you in antiquity, Paphos has also been named

2017’s European City of Culture, highlighting it’s fantastic blend of the historic and modern.

Ayia Napa

Tucked away in the south-east of the island, this clubbing capital simply never stops. A holiday to Ayia Napa is days on Nissi Beach – whether that’s just soaking up the sun or taking to the water for some surfing or snorkelling. And if your days are go! go! go! – the nights are twice that. When the sun goes down a world of clubs, bars and pubs open up and keep going until the sun rises again. And then they do it all over again. It’s every party-goers summer playground.


Limassol is one of the real tourist centres on Cyprus. Boasting big beaches with shallow waters, it’s a great spot for families. Equally, if you’re looking for something a little quieter, and maybe the opportunity to sample a more relaxed slice of life we’d recommend visiting in off-season. The weather’s still great, the sights are still there but the crowds are a little more sedate. Alternatively, if you want something a bit more hectic, the town hosts two major Cypriot festivals, in the shape of Mardi Gras and the Wine Festival, both of which let the good times flow.


As far as Cyprus resorts go, Polis is on the quieter side, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t bursting with life. The picture-postcard village is tucked away in the north-west of the island, offering families and couples a slice of paradise where they can escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The famous campsite by the beach welcomes holidaymakers from all walks of life and is perfect to relive childhood camping memories with your own little ones, while nature trails on horseback are a fun way to discover the island’s striking natural landscape. Just want to kick back and relax? Don’t worry, all the beaches surrounding Polis hold the Blue Flag seal, meaning you can soak up the sun surrounded by crystalline waters before indulging in a cocktail or two at one of the marina’s chic bars.


Located 45 minutes away from Cyprus’s party central Aiya Napa, Larnaca is a golden oasis of tranquillity. Cyprus’s oldest town, Larnaca boasts a unique combination of Christian and Middle Eastern influences both in its architecture and its culture, as well as a wealth of shallow beaches nestling at its feet – perfect for the little ones, but with plenty of marine life to discover for grown-ups with an adventurous appetite. Plus, with plenty of spots for romantic strolls and candlelit dinners, and a wealth of cultural landmarks to explore, it’s no wonder Larnaca attracts couples as much as it does families.


If Polis and Larnaca sound a little too quiet but you don’t feel like staying in lively Aiya Napa either, Protaras is a good compromise. The purpose-built resort lies just a stone’s throw from the island’s most famous party town – a ten-minute taxi ride, to be exact – but far enough to offer respite from the wild strip and party-goers. The resort’s biggest draw is probably its beaches – miles of golden sands kissed by crystal clear blue waters line the rugged coastline, making it a great spot for soaking up the sun and enjoying scenic walks. It’s also very convenient, with plenty of supermarkets, restaurants and bars within easy reach of the main hotels.

Top things to do on your holiday in Cyprus

Exploring Cyprus…


Island life doesn’t just mean great weather and the perfect pace of life. It means that fantastic beaches are within reach, and that goes double for Cyprus.

And just like Cyprus has activities for everyone, it’s got beaches for everyone too. Ayia Napa’s Nissi Beach is a classic Cypriot beach. Meaning endless sun and soft white sand in a stunning bay, the perfect relaxation the day after the night before. Alternatively, if you’re about relaxation in a secluded environment, we recommend Lara Bay – a real hidden gem. Nestled in a national park, in summer it becomes home to loggerhead turtles who lay their eggs in the sand.

Pathos architectural site

The real highlight of historic Pathos has to be the architectural site. A vast area packed with Roman villas, Greek theatres and more, it provides the very real opportunity to experience the local history. In walking through this live dig, you’re walking on the same ground and through the same buildings as ancient Greeks did years upon years ago.

Cape Greco National Forest Park

Only a short distance from the bright lights and big city of Ayia Napa is the ultimate change of pace. The Cape Greco National Forest Park offers acres of unspoilt landscape to be explored. Sitting alongside the coast, visitors could spend a day in the national park exploring the caves along the sea or follow one of the many hiking trails that lead into the park. The real highlight comes in the clifftop views; we recommend being there at sunrise or (more realistically) sunset for a sight to remember.

Food and Drink in Cyprus

Cypriot Cuisine

With a culture that’s a mishmash of Greek, European, Turkish and Middle-Eastern, Cyprus has developed its own unique cuisine that offers some of the best of all those cultures, along with some unique treats.

So what does a traditional Cypriot meal look like? Kebab-style dishes like Souvlaki are popular, serving meats such as lamb and pork with pita bread, salads and hummus. For dessert make sure that you try ekmet kadayifi a kind of bread pudding dessert that is served with clotted cream.

Oh, and as it was first created here, make sure that you don’t leave the island without trying some halloumi!

Going to Cyprus with easyJet holidays

Trading in the day-to-day for a Cyprus holiday is a hell of a deal, and at easyJet holidays we make it simple for you. Our one-stop approach brings together your hotel, flight and holiday into one easy to understand price.

If Cyprus doesn’t quite tick the box for you, why not browse our full range of holidays in Greece.