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Looking for cheap flights to Nice? Discover the impeccable vibes of this seaside city when you book tickets to Nice direct with easyJet. 

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Why fly to Nice?

Dreaming of a relaxing getaway in the South of France, sunbathing while gazing out over the Mediterranean? With cheap flights to Nice, experience the luxury of the Cote d’Azur for less. Walk the red carpet in Cannes, drool over the super-yachts in Monte Carlo, or join the celeb set in Saint Tropez.

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Nice reaches peak summertime fun in June, July and August when visitors from foreign shores and elsewhere in France alike fly in to enjoy the delights of the French Riviera. This is when the Mediterranean Sea is at its warmest and the pebbly beaches and buzzing bars throng with happy sunseekers.

Avoid the crowds

Fly to Nice in April and May or September and October and you'll get to enjoy a relaxed vibe, less competition for restaurant reservations and better hotel and flight deals. Nice boasts sunny days for more than half the year so you'll get to explore in fine weather and visitors in September will find that the sea is still warm enough for a dip.

Your Nice Questions Answered

Nice is in the southeast of France, nestled on the French Riviera. It's right along the Mediterranean Sea, close to Monaco and the Italian border. The city's famous for its beautiful coastline, a mix of urban energy, and its charming old town. As a major tourist destination, Nice attracts visitors with its relaxing beaches, unique culture, and fun nightlife.

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