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Journeys often lead to adventures. Having a reason to hike from one place to another adds purpose to a journey and leads you to places you have never seen before, and meetings with interesting, interested local people. So consider booking a flight out to Lyon and your return flight two days later from Grenoble.


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Best time to visit

Fly to Lyon in June, July or August for hot dry weather and to experience the city at its most vibrant. The long summer days are perfect for wandering around the city and admiring its eye-catching architecture, while a full series of festivals and events showcase Lyon at its lively best. Travel in July to catch the fireworks and celebrations of Bastille Day.

Avoid the crowds

If you fly to Lyon between April and May or September and October, you'll get to enjoy comfortable sightseeing weather coupled with competitive prices. April can prove to be wet, although with the all of the city's awesome museums and world-regarded restaurants to explore, we doubt you'll notice any rainy weather.

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