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Book a cheap flight to Avignon and escape to one of the South of France’s most captivating gems. Book direct with easyJet and take advantage of our simple booking process and helpful customer service.

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Why fly to Avignon?

Book a plane ticket to Avignon, you step into a world of history and charm. Known for its UNESCO World Heritage sites and picturesque landscapes, Avignon offers a delightful experience at every corner. Drink local wines, eat amazing food, and you’ll see why this small city is considered a cultural capital of Provence and a highlight of flying to France.

The weather in Avignon


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What's the weather like in Avignon in early October?

The average temperature in Avignon in early October sits around 21°C, so it's a great time to sigthsee in the region (although you may not get as much time in the pool!)

How hot does it get in Avignon in August?

Temperatures regular reach up to 35°C in Avignon in August, so be sure to pakc light clothing and sunscreen.

*Information provided is indicative only and may be subject to change

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