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Understated, classy and rich in regional cuisine and winemaking, Montpellier is the holiday destination for those who like the good things in life.

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Visit Montpellier between June and September for sizzling hot weather, blissfully offset by refreshing ocean breezes from the Mediterranean sea. Copious sunshine makes it perfect for spending idyllic days on the beaches of Carnon and Palavas, although the city does see an uptick in numbers and prices during these months.

Avoid the crowds

Fly to Montpellier between April and May or September and October and you'll be rewarded with pleasantly warm (but not baking weather), much more space to yourself and cheaper deals on flights and accommodation. Spring also sees the start of the city's festivals with events such as Printemps des Comédies and the ZAT Temporary Artistic Zone festival.

Your Montpellier Questions Answered

From the Montpellier-Mediterranee Airport, you can take one of the buses that leave every half hour. These are the cheapest option and will get you to the city centre in around 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. If you want a more convenient or independent way to get to Montpellier's metropolitan area, you can try a cab or private transfer, which will cost more.

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