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Why fly to Corsica Bastia?

Cheap flights to Bastia land you on Corsica's beautiful northeast coast. It's an old French port, with traditional fishermen and trendy yachties, on an island less than 70 miles from Italy. Altogether, everything combines to make it one of the most unique places you may ever visit!

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Best time to visit

Bastia is at its warmest and driest between June and September which is when the majority of visitors choose to fly in. It's an entertaining time to visit the city with the Fête de la Musique, Bastia in Festa and Bastille Day events offering concerts and performances in various venues throughout Bastia.

Avoid the crowds

April and May are wonderful months to fly to Bastia as the weather is warming up but the prices for accomodation haven't yet peaked. As a port-city, Bastia is lively year-round so you don't need to worry about it being too quiet during spring. Visit in September and October, and you'll have a similar experience.

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