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Distribution charter

1. Introduction

This charter (“Distribution Charter”) sets out easyJet's policy relating to the distribution of easyJet’s products and services by third parties (“Agents”), which aims to ensure the best possible levels of service for easyJet's customers at all times. 

The Distribution Charter applies to any Agent using data relating to easyJet flights (which may include fares, schedules, seat availability, ancillary products and services and booking details) (“easyJet Data”) for the purpose of displaying, advertising, booking, selling or managing any easyJet product or service.

easyJet may amend the Distribution Charter from time to time.


2. Access to easyJet Data 

Agents must: 

(a) only access easyJet Data:

(i) via an easyJet Approved Channel which has entered into an API agreement with easyJet; or

(ii) directly via the easyJet API, if the Agent has an API agreement with easyJet (“Direct API Agreement”); 

(b) not use the easyJet website for commercial purposes or in any way other than as strictly in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy unless expressly permitted in writing by easyJet;

(c) not screen scrape in any form from the easyJet website or use any other automated means of accessing the easyJet website; 

(d) not share easyJet Data with any other Agent or any airline unless expressly permitted in writing by easyJet; and

(e) if the Agent: 

(i) is accessing easyJet Data via an Approved Channel, only use easyJet Data in accordance with any  specific instructions notified to you by your Approved Channel; or

(ii) has entered Direct API Agreement, only use easyJet Data in accordance with such Direct API Agreement.

Please check the list of easyJet Approved Channels.


3. Pricing and Information

Agents must:

(a) always display clear and transparent pricing, including non-optional charges, across all booking steps. Any additional charges imposed by the Agent, including any booking or service fees for flights and/or ancillary services such as seating, bags, name and date changes, must be clearly identified as such so that customers understand that these fees are not charged by easyJet;

(b) ensure that prices displayed to the customer comply fully with all applicable local laws across all marketing channels, including the Agent’s own websites, meta channels and any other channels through which it advertises;

(c) quote the correct prices to customers for adult, child and infant tickets respectively;
(d) clearly indicate hold bag and cabin bag allowances, as detailed on the bags FAQ page, to customers at the time of booking;

(e) provide links during the booking journey to easyJet’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and must ensure customers accept these terms prior to completing the booking; and 

(f) notify customers of their confirmed bookings and send confirmation emails as soon as payment is confirmed.


4. Customer Contact Details and Customer Service

Agents must: 

(a) submit the customer’s email address and mobile telephone number to easyJet via the API when the booking is made to ensure they can be contacted by easyJet regarding any flight disruption. The Agent may only submit its own contact details instead of the customer’s with easyJet’s prior written consent and in the event that it provides 24/7 customer service so it can contact the customer directly as instructed by easyJet in the event of disruption; and

(b) promptly submit any other relevant customer information (e.g. requests for special assistance) to easyJet via the API.

5. Online Check-in

Agents must: 

(a) advise the customer of the need to check in online and provide their advance passenger information details prior to departure; and

(b) not check in on behalf of customers, including through the use of any automated means to check in. 


6. ATOL Protection and Package Travel Directive

Agents must: 

(a) only sell easyJet products and services to customers in accordance with the ATOL Regulations and Package Travel Regulations in the UK or the  equivalent regulations in the country of sale; 

(b) in respect of UK sales, ensure bookings are ATOL protected or, if ATOL protection is not required under the regulations, the Agent must state clearly on the booking confirmation “This sale is not ATOL protected".


7. Point-to-point Flights

easyJet is a point-to-point airline and may be unable to provide assistance to customers booked on connecting, self-transfer, interlined or otherwise combined flights (“Connecting Flights”). Accordingly, easyJet does not permit the sale by Agents of any easyJet flights as Connecting Flights without easyJet’s prior written consent. 


8.“easyJet” and “easy” Brands

Agent acknowledges that the “easyJet” brand is licensed to easyJet by easyGroup Limited (“easyGroup”) and accordingly must comply with any instructions from easyJet or easyGroup in relation to the “easyJet” brand or any other “easy” trademark.  In particular, Agents must: 

(a) not use any “easyJet” branding (including logos or trademarks) unless authorised by easyJet and / or Approved Channel and in any event only for the specific purpose authorised and always in accordance with easyJet and / or Approved Channel’s instructions;

(b) not ‘brand bid’ on search terms including “easyJet”, “easy” or related terms or otherwise present themselves on any search engine or website in a way which may cause customer confusion, including displaying urls or returning landing pages that may misleadingly appear to be provided by easyJet; and

(c) not otherwise infringe any easyJet’s or easyGroup’s intellectual property rights. 


9.Data Protection

Agents must: 

(a) comply with all applicable data protection regulations in relation to the processing of any easyJet Data; and

(b) immediately notify easyJet of any suspected or actual breach of data security and provide such details as may be reasonably required by easyJet regarding the nature and likely consequences of such breach.


10.Breach of the Distribution Charter

All Agents must adhere to the Distribution Charter in order to enjoy continued access to easyJet Data and make easyJet bookings. Any actual or suspected breach of or non-adherence to the Distribution Charter may result in the restriction, suspension or termination of the Agent’s access to easyJet Data and/or the cancellation of bookings made by an Agent. easyJet may instruct Approved Channels to implement such action. 
Such action may be taken immediately or on such notice as easyJet determines in its sole discretion.