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get OUT there: easyJet Spring/Summer 2025 Flights

Spring is here and our spring flights are available to book right now. Fancy a city escape? Amsterdam and Paris are perfect options if you’re looking to get out there and discover a hidden gem. Or if it’s a beach getaway you’re after, then our customers love Tenerife, Rhodes and Antalya. All of which have family-friendly beaches, tasty local cuisine and sunny climates.

Use our easyJet Low Fare Finder to discover the best 2024-2025 flight deals.

When will easyJet release flights?

We release our flights on a regular basis. Our spring/summer and autumn/winter releases vary, so to ensure you never miss a release, keep an eye on this page (and subscribe to our newsletter) to get the most up-to-date info on our upcoming flight release dates.

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