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Why fly to Krakow?

If you’re looking for a reason to visit Poland then you’ve just found it with Krakow. Beautiful, charming and romantic, this Polish city of idyllic medieval squares and imposing Gothic architecture might be the country’s second city, but it is the number one destination for tourists visiting the country each year.

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Best time to visit

Krakow is loved by visitors all year round, but July and August are the warmest and driest months, with temperatures regularly sitting in the mid-20s. The atmosphere in the city is also electric at this time of year, with restaurants and bars spilling over with people enjoying the weather, and pavement cafés providing the perfect setting for watching the crowds.

Avoid the crowds

To avoid the busiest times, visit Krakow in May or June. The temperatures can be lovely and warm at this time of year, but cool breezes make walking through the city’s cobbled old town easier than in the heat of the summer. Christmas is very busy, thanks to the popular Christmas Market that lights up the main square.

Your Krakow Questions Answered

You can use the trains, buses, and taxis available at Kraków Airport if you're looking to take public transportation. However, it's important to note that the trains close at around midnight. If your plane touches down after that, you can always take the hourly bus or hail a taxi at any time of day. And if you wish to forego taking public transport lines from the airport, you can pre-book a private transfer to the city by car. It'll take you about 25 mins to make the 15-kilometre trip to the city centre by car, the train takes roughly the same time but is significantly cheaper. A bus will take you around 45 minutes to make the trip
*Information provided is indicative only and may be subject to change

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