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Medicine, medical conditions and equipment

If you pack medicines in your hold luggage, we do not require a letter from your healthcare practitioner. However, we do advise you to pack your medication in your hand luggage where possible, especially if it is medication that you may need to take during the flight.

Travelling with medication containing a controlled drug

What medication and equipment you can bring on board

Travelling while pregnant

Travelling with a nut or other allergy

Travelling with a broken limb cast

Travelling with a guide or assistance dog

Using oxygen and gas on board

Using stretchers

Travelling with a wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs and mobility aids

Safety rules for wheelchair batteries

Wheelchair stowage on board

Travelling when you have had a recent illness or surgery

Travelling with diabetes

Travelling with asthma

Travelling with a pacemaker

Information for divers

Managing your booking

If you have a serious illness which means you may need to cancel your flight, head over to our booking area.

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