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Fees and charges

Our mission has always been to make travel easy and affordable.

We're keeping our fares as low as possible whilst giving you the flexibility to add additional services only if you need them. 

We want our charges to be as fair as possible, so they are listed below, with a clear explanation of why they exist and how you pay for them.

The following are all included in the price you see when searching for flights.
Administration fee
per booking
£15 This is included in the flight price you see - it is not an extra charge.
Credit card transactions
1% Cards accepted: Visa (credit card), MasterCard (credit card), Diners Club, Discover, American Express, and UATP/Airplus
Debit card transactions
We don't charge you to pay by debit card.
Cards accepted: Carte Bleue, Visa Electron, ELV, Visa Debit, Debit MasterCard or Maestro

Infant charge
per infant, per flight
£22 Airports charge us fees when infants (<2 years) travel - this fee covers the cost. We also include an additional cabin bag as part of this fee.
Group booking
per passenger, per flight
Service only available in the contact centre
£10 The big benefits of our Group Booking Scheme are that we will block your seats together and that you can add names of the passengers later.

When you book to travel with us, the tickets you buy are non-refundable (except set out in the terms and conditions). However, we do understand that sometimes plans change and you may need to amend your booking.

easyJet is a digital airline. Our Customer Services Team is there to help customers who are unable to manage their bookings online or are in need of special assistance. Where it's possible to make changes to your booking online we will apply an additional fixed charge on top of the charges below if you ask our Customer Service team to do it for you.

Online Call Centre
Cancellations within 24 hours of booking
per booking
We will provide a full refund minus an administrative charge.
Earlier return flight
per passenger
£22  - If on the day of your return flight, you would like to move to an earlier flight on the same day, you can check availability on our mobile app or at the airport.  Subject to conditions and availability.
Rescue fee
per passenger
£90 - If you arrive at the airport late, but no later than two hours of your original flight's scheduled departure time, you can transfer to the next available flight.
Spelling mistakes & title changes
If you make a spelling mistake, (e.g. Nick to Nicholas, or Joness to Jones) or need to change a title you can do this for no extra charge.
Name change - more than 60 days before travel
per passenger, per flight
£20 £25  If you would like to transfer your booking to a different passenger, you can do so for a fee, but without paying any fare difference. This is cheaper to do further in advance.
Name change - 60 days or less before travel
per passenger, per flight
£47 £52 
Flight change - more than 60 days before travel
per person, per flight
£17 + fare difference £22 + fare difference  If you need to change your flight date, time or route, the earlier you make the change the cheaper it will be as it means we have more chance of being able to re-sell your original seat.

Flight change - 60 days or less before travel (off-peak season)
changes made 2nd September - 14th June
per person, per flight

£32 + fare difference
£37 + fare difference 
Flight change - 60 days or less before travel (peak season)
changes made 15th June - 1st September
per person, per flight

£47 + fare difference
£52 + fare difference

You can pick your favourite spot on the plane by buying one of the seating options below. If you don't select a seat we'll assign seats randomly for free when you check in and will do all we can to ensure everyone on the booking sits together. However this is not guaranteed, especially when checking in closer to departure.
Allocated seating - First row (Extra legroom)
minimum & maximum charges
£12.99 - £26.99 Selecting these seats also gets you:
  • A second, small under seat cabin bag
  • Dedicated Bag Drop
  • Speedy Boarding so you get on board first
Allocated seating - Up Front / Overwing (Extra Legroom)
minimum & maximum charges
£9.49 - £21.49
Allocated seating - Other seats
minimum & maximum charges
£1.99 - £4.99 Pick the seat you want on the rest of the aircraft.

Our low fares include one cabin bag free of charge with no weight restriction. As long as you can lift the bag into the overhead lockers without assistance (and the bag satisfies the size requirements detailed below) then the bag will be accepted into the cabin.

On busier flights, it is possible that overhead locker space in the cabin will fill quickly, after which cabin bags will need to be placed in the hold. More information on our baggage policy > 

Online Airport
Cabin bag
per item, per flight
56 x 45 x 25cm - maximum and must fit within our baggage gauge.
Bags larger than this will incur the relevant hold bag fee below.

Hold luggage (bags up to 20kg)
minimum & maximum charges
per item, per flight
£13 - £30 £37 - at bag drop desk

£47 - at boarding gate
Fee per hold item weighing up to 20kg. Fee varies depending on the route selected.
Additional weight for pre-booked hold luggage up to a maximum of 32kg
per item, per flight

£12 per 3kg -
Additional weight can only be purchased online in increments of 3kgs, either at initial booking or post-booking.
Excess weight fee
per kilo, per item, per flight
-  £10
This fee is applied for hold items weighing more than the pre-booked weight. The maximum weight per hold item we can accept is 32kg.
Small sports equipment
per flight
£37  £47
Items up to a maximum of 20kg. See definition of small sports equipment >
Large sports equipment
per flight
£42  £52
Items up to a maximum of 32kg. See definition of large sports equipment >