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As Spanish as sangria and jamón serrano, Seville is where you go if you want an authentic Spanish experience. The capital of Spain’s sunny region of Andalucía is not only home to the fictional characters of Don Juan and Carmen, but also flamenco, tapas and some of Spain’s most colourful festivals.


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Fly to Seville between May and September and you’ll be greeted with bucketloads of sunshine and balmy temperatures that carry on well into the night. The city’s streets are filled with people during these warm months, and it’s the best time to experience the lively tapas bars and nightspots.

Avoid the crowds

From late March to early April Seville’s famous orange trees are in full bloom, bathing the city in scent. Temperatures are warm enough for exploring on foot, but you’ll need an extra layer in the evenings. Seville is popular year-round, but the summer crowds are yet to hit if you fly over in these months.

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