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Why fly to Madrid?

Begin your hike from the town of Manzanares el Real, beneath the quintessential Spanish castle. Stand on the pretty lakeshore, look past the castle, and you'll see the peaks rising up behind the town.The climb up into the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares mountains gives spectacular views and a real escape from the city vibe for a discreet night’s bivvy amongst the boulder fields and unusual granite outcrops. If you search well, or ask locals, you may even find the gorgeous swim hole of Baños de Venus de La Pedriza...

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With its art galleries, architecture and world-famous football clubs, Madrid is incredible all year round. Temperatures peak in July and August, climbing into the 30s at their highest. This is a top time to visit if you’re looking to relax on the area’s beaches and in its leafy parks.

Avoid the crowds

Fly to Madrid outside of the May to September window if you like your city breaks a little quieter. April and October can still be fairly mild, and are brilliant times to explore the city’s rich architecture and art galleries, which can be more difficult in the hot and sticky summer months.

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