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Fly to Benalmadena, Spain with easyJet and land in a coastal paradise. Book direct with easyJet to maximise the fun and minimise the drama of booking your dream trip.

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Why fly to Benalmadena?

When you book a flight to Benalmadena, you’re flying to paradise. Based on the beautiful Costa del Sol in Spain, Benalmadena offers the perfect mix of sandy beaches, buzzing nightlife, and local culture. Experience the warmth of the Spanish sun, eat the best food, and let yourself relax in this gem of a town.

The weather in Benalmadena


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Is Benalmadena still hot in October?

Benalmadena's average October temperature is 18°C, so it's still a really pleasant time to visit the Spanish seaside.

How warm is the sea in Benalmadena?

The average sea temperature in Benalmadena is 20°C in June, and increased to 24°C for the hottest months of July, August, and September.

*Information provided is indicative only and may be subject to change

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