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In search of cheap flights to Mojácar? Book direct with easyJet to discover the beautiful views and charming streets of this coastal paradise.

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Why fly to Mojacar?

Looking for a charming coastal retreat in Spain? Book a plane ticket to Mojácar. A picturesque village perched on a hill on Spain’s Costa del Almeria, Mojácar is one of the most beautiful seaside spots in Europe. Spend your mornings basking in the Andalusian sun and your evening relaxing in the ancient old town, Mojácar Pueblo.

The weather in Mojacar


Hottest month


Coldest month


How hot does Mojacar get in the summer?

Mojacar's average max daily temperature in August is 30°, but it can occasionally go higher.

When's the rainiest month in Mojacar?

While November is the rainiest month in Mojacar, you can still expect only around 4 days of rain throughout the whole month.

*Information provided is indicative only and may be subject to change

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