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Why fly to Costa Del Sol?

Costa del Sol, on the southern coast of Spain, is famous for golden beaches, azure waters, and red-hot nightlife. You’ll fall in love with this region’s year-round sunshine, breath taking landscapes, and friendly Spanish culture. Eat, explore, and relax while you soak up the laid-back charm of the Costa del Sol. explore charming villages, and revel in the warm hospitality that defines the Costa del Sol. 

The weather in Costa Del Sol


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Is Costa del Sol still hot in October?

Costa del Sol's average October temperature is 19°C, so it's still a really pleasant time to visit the Spanish seaside.

Which is the warmest part of Costa del Sol?

If you're looking to visit the hottest areas in the Costa del Sol, visit places east of Malaga like Nerja and La Herradura, which don't receive the the breeze from the Atlantic ocean.

*Information provided is indicative only and may be subject to change

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