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Experience the allure of island life with cheap flights to Corsica. Book direct with easyJet and get ready to be mesmerized by the nature and charm of this unique part of France.

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Why fly to Corsica?

Book flights to Corsica to experience a paradise which seems tailor-made for nature lovers and thrill seekers. Famous as the birthplace of Napoleon, Corsica is a part of France that still seems somewhat less discovered, despite having so many things to see and do. Hike, swim, and boat your way around the island to discover hidden coves, charming villages, and abandoned ancient buildings. If you’re just in it for the food, Corsica won’t disappoint – feast on local delicacies like seafood, cheeses, and wines. 

The weather in Corsica


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When does the sun set in Corsica in the summer?

In the height of summer in Corsica, the sun can set as late as 9 pm.

Corsica temperature in July

July temperates in Corsica average 30°C, so get ready for some glorious beach weather!

*Information provided is indicative only and may be subject to change

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