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Why fly to Marseille?

Marseille is not only France’s oldest city but also its most colourful. And we’re not just talking about all those terracotta roof tiles. So what are we talking about exactly? Well, one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities for one, with its mix of French, North African and Spanish cultures. Where busy bazaar-style markets, 17th century cathedrals and an old bustling harbour battle it out for your attention.

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Marseille is at its beachside best from May to August with wonderfully warm sea temperatures and an abundance of sunshine. It's an ideal time for spending time on the sands or exploring with a boat trip. Travelling to Marseille in summer also lets you experience the city at its balmy, vibrant best at events such the Festival de Marseille and France's national holiday, Bastille Day.

Avoid the crowds

Come September, Marseille's peak season tourists have begun to leave the city. You'll find much more space on the beaches and you'll be able to explore the city's best attractions without treading on anyone's heels. October and April see quieter streets again with pleasant weather for sightseeing, although bring a couple of warm layers to shield you from the winds of le mistral if travelling in April

Your Marseille Questions Answered

You'll have two public and two private options. If you're willing to make a transfer, take a free five-minute bus+3 ride from Platform 5 of the airport's bus station to Vitrolles-Aéroport-Marseille-Provence train station. You can take a TER train from there and arrive in Marseille's city centre in around 20 minutes. Those who want a more direct route but aren't in a rush can wait for the Lecar 91 line airport shuttle. This leaves every 10 minutes, and the ride will take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions. However, the shuttle line closes from 1:30 AM to 4:10 AM every day.

If you want speed and convenience or simply land during a late hour, you can take an airport taxi, which are available 24/7. Note that drivers will charge higher rates at night if you bring luggage and on Sundays and holidays. You can also pick up a rental car at the airport for a more independent way to get to – and explore – Marseille. However, the city is best explored on foot, so maybe only consider this option if you've got day trips planned

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