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Why fly to Grenoble?

Considering booking a Grenoble flight? Do it! The capital of the French Alps has to be one of the most beautifully situated cities in the whole of France. Where else can boast, not just one, but two rivers and snow-capped mountains on all sides. That’s right, no matter where in Grenoble you are, you’ll see the Alps towering from above. And, as you’d expect from somewhere this close to the mountains, sports play an important role in the life of this active city. In the winter you’ll find literally dozens of fantastic ski resorts lying in wait, while the summer months are perfect for a spot of mountain hiking.

When's the best time to go?


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Best time to visit

As a gateway city to the skiing resorts of the French Alps above, Grenoble sees lots of visitors fly in between November and March. The holiday periods of late December and February are the busiest of the winter months, and with good reason. Grenoble is beautifully festive at Christmas and in February the snow is at its best.

Avoid the crowds

For warm summer weather, fly to Grenoble between May and September. You'll be able to explore the city with plenty of elbow space and take in the stunning Alpine scenery from the terraces of al fresco cafés in the historic quarter. The long hours of daylight and fair weather are also superb for hiking in the mountains, although July can be roastingly hot.

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