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When you think of Venice, you think of water and canals. Once you have had your Gondola fix consider heading out of the city down the SS309 to explore the water and channels of the Po Delta Regional Park, just 50 miles south of the city. A hire car is the best way to explore the area until you decide to strike out on foot, or hire a bike (from Via Muratori, 2 - 44022 Comacchio).

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Venice's most popular season starts with a bang in June and lasts until August. Over these months, the city is packed to capacity with holidaymakers and the weather is very hot with lots of sunshine and long daylight hours.

Avoid the crowds

Fly into Venice between September and October to escape the heavy crowds of high summer. The weather won't be too warm, but you'll find that its very comfortable for sightseeing and you won't have to contend with the huge queues of summer at the city's most popular attractions. From November, the risk of high water increases.

Your Venice Questions Answered

Venice is famous for being Italy's cultural hub, made recognisable by its meandering canals and opulent structures. Once a primary trading port, Venice was the first place any new music, art, fashion, or literature arrived in Italy. Today, this is reflected in how the city is home to many artisan crafts like carnival mask creation. Venice is also known for having more waterways than roads, which is why boating is a popular way to get around. Through the interweaving canals, you can glimpse many distinctly Venetian building design features like Istrian stone, grand facades, and Gothic architecture.

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