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But the real impact of the Scandinavian food revolution seems to be stirring most rigorously at home in Norway. Oslo has become the culinary capital of Scandinavia enjoying a neo Nordic moment in the sun thanks to its growing food scene and modern take on Nordic fare. The delicious change takes in everything from Maaemo, the most northern three Michelin starred restaurant in the world and its neighbourhood coffee scene, to traditional favourites such has peel and eat shrimp and international fusions. If you love food, then the city’s Mathallen is a must visit. The giant food hall is made up of 33 shops and restaurants giving you a chance to chow down on the best food from around Norway. It’s the perfect place to discover Norwegian culture. The modern food scene has also grown hand in hand with a vibrant nightlife. You can drink local beer over a game of shuffleboard or sip cocktails made from Artic seaweed; Oslo is a city that knows how to have fun.


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