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Whether you want to witness Norway's dazzling Northern Lights, dance all night with the party crowd or find freedom and adventure in its mountains, lakes and wilderness, our flights to Norway will get you there fast. Cosmopolitan cities, glistening lakes, soaring mountains and rugged coastline all combine to make a varied, awe-inspiring landscape.

Hit the piste in Norway’s mountainous ski resorts, sail across the placid beauty of its breath-taking fjords or explore the country’s colourful Viking history. And that's just the beginning. The scale and variety of this Scandinavian country lets you plan a holiday to perfectly suit your mood.

Norway sweeps from the bottom of the Scandinavian Peninsula right up into the Arctic Circle, so there are natural wonders to be seen in every direction. In the west, pull on your hiking boots to explore mountains, set foot on Jostedal Glacier (the largest glacier in continental Europe) and sail around the famous Norwegian fjords - one of the most beautiful being Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Jump on the Flåm Railway which winds its way around mountains and roaring waterfalls. If you’re looking for a livelier atmosphere, head to Bergen, Norway's second-largest city, to discover a vibrant and energetic music scene.

In the east you can walk through wild forests at Nordmarka and enjoy the buzz of Norway's capital city, Oslo. Delve into Oslo's vibrant food scene, filling up on delicious Nordic bread and fresh fish dishes. The city has some great museums and galleries to feed your cultural cravings from the Munch Museum to the National Gallery.

If you have an aversion to snow or just don't like chilly climes, head to Norway's south coast to find idyllic sandy beaches and summer hotspots like Kristiansand. White-painted houses, a coastline dotted with islands and a backdrop of green forests will see you snapping away with your camera in this picturesque seaside town.

In the north, it's all about gigantic glaciers, sweeping tundra and The North Cape (the most northerly point in mainland Europe). Things may be Arctic here but this doesn’t mean it’s not lively. Visit Tromsø city for a party atmosphere and tons of cultural highlights, all packed into a city surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands. And, this is the place to gaze at natural phenomena including the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) and a sun that doesn’t set (Midnight Sun).


Norway Weather

Norway's summer temperatures are surprisingly pleasant reaching up to 25°C. Areas east of the southern mountains (including Oslo) benefit from sunny days with less rainfall than the west. Come prepared with a brolly as the weather can be wet and changeable in other areas. Most people visit between June and August to enjoy the long summer days and spring (especially May) sees Norway's scenery spring to life. This time of year shows the largest temperature differences between north and south. Winter is the time for snow and extreme minus temperature, transforming the landscape into a wonderland for skiers and adventurers. Whatever time of year you visit, pack warm clothes and sensible shoes and you'll be free to explore Norway's wild landscapes.

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