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As Italian as pizza, pasta and parmesan, Brindisi is Italy as it once was, full of old world charm, untouched beaches and home cooked food.


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Fly to Brindisi in July or August for hot, sultry weather with barely a chance of rain. With warm sea temperatures and copious sunshine, it's the ideal weather for spending the day on the Lido Azzurro city beach. If you're planning on combing your stay with a visit to Greece, Turkey or Albania just across the water, you'll find the most frequent ferry crossings scheduled during these months.

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Visit Brindisi in May or June and you'll be rewarded with lovely warm days, copious sunshine and a much better chance of getting a good deal on flights and accommodation. The weather should be warm enough for the beach, although the sea might be a little chilly for a dip. It's also the perfect temperature for hiking comfortably or exploring the idyllic towns of Apulia.

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