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Rivalling both Rome and Venice in the romance and history stakes, it won’t be long before you’re falling in love with Italy’s most elegant city, Verona. As romantic destinations go, Verona is hard to beat. After all, this was the setting for Romeo and Juliet, the most famous love story ever told. So, if it’s good enough for Shakespeare, you can be assured that it’ll be good enough for you.

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Best time to visit

For the best of the summer, fly to Verona between June and August. The weather will be hot and sunny, if a little humid, and you'll be in prime position to experience the Verona Arena Opera season held outdoors at the spectacular Arena di Verona Roman amphitheater.

Avoid the crowds

Visit Verona in late May, June and September, and you'll have more space to yourself as well as a better chance of finding cheaper deals on flights and hotels. The weather will either be warming up fast or only marginally cooling down and there'll be enough heat in the evening to enjoy sitting outside at al fresco cafés and restaurants.

Your Verona Questions Answered

Yes, Lake Garda is quite close to Verona. It's about a 30 to 45-minute drive, depending on your specific destination along the lake, and you can even take a direct bus from the centre of the city. This makes Lake Garda a popular day trip for those visiting Verona, offering a beautiful escape to Italy's largest lake with its picturesque towns, stunning scenery, and leisure activities.

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