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Looking for cheap flights to Pompeii? Book to fly direct to Naples with easyJet, and you’ll be exploring these fascinating ancient ruins in no time.

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Why fly to Pompeii?

Book a flight to Pompeii, and you’re booking a flight back in time. Buried under volcanic ash for centuries, Pompeii is one of the most famous historical sites in the world, and it offers a unique glimpse into what life was like for the ancient romans. Combine your visit to Pompeii with time in bustling Naples or the scenic Amalfi coast, and you’ll be left with a true appreciation of this unique region in Italy. 

The weather in Pompeii


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Can you visit Pompeii in the rain?

You can definitely still appreciate Pompeii in the rain, and the site will still be open. However, most of Pompeii is outside with minimal cover, so be sure to bring a rain jacket and umbrella.

How hot does Pompeii get in August?

In August, the average high temperature in Pompeii is 31° C.

*Information provided is indicative only and may be subject to change

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