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Why fly to Turin?

The capital of the Piedmont region, it has given us Juventus football club, Fiat cars and delicious Gianduiotto chocolate (never tastier than when sampled in its hometown). In fact, Turin has been at the centre of all things chocolatey in Europe since the 1600s, when the very first chocolate houses cropped up here with royal permission. Great things to doThese days the chocolate houses have been replaced with elegant cafés, looking out onto tree-shaded boulevards, but old Torino is still as vibrant in 2019 as it has been for hundreds of years. Come here to chat over a few glasses of Barolo wine, take a chocolate masterclass or just indulge in the truffle-scented regional dishes.

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Best time to visit

By July and August Turin is sizzlingly hot and dependably dry. This is when the majority of visitors fly in to explore the city under blue skies and copious sunshine. November to February also see a mini peak in popularity as winter sports fans jet in for the ski resorts in the Alps above.

Avoid the crowds

Take advantage of shoulder season prices on hotels and flights by flying to Turin in May, June or September. The weather will be pleasantly warm during these months and much more comfortable for sightseeing. The spring rains will have dried up after the wet spring and the fogs of late autumn won't yet have rolled in.

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