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Why fly to Zurich?

If you’re after true class, stunning mountain views and restaurants to die for then don’t look much further than Zurich. Europe’s largest street party takes place in Zurich. So it’s time to forget all those associations with Swiss banks and finance because Zurich is now officially one of Europe’s hippest and most vibrant cities. It’s flush with trendy bars, cafes and music venues catering to all tastes and, the closer you look, the more you’ll realise that this place has a lot more in store than you realised.

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Best time to visit

Zurich is lovely in July and August, when the sunshine is out and temperatures can easily hit the mid-20 mark. It’s also a great time to swim in the city’s huge lake and relax with an ice-cream on the waterfront promenades. Keen walkers and sightseers should consider May, a more comfortable time to explore the ancient old town

Avoid the crowds

June, July and August are peak months for tourism in Zurich, so avoid these if you want to experience the city on a quieter scale. Spring and autumn can be a great time to visit, just be sure to bring lots of layers with you, as the weather can be unpredictable.

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