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Nineteenth century elegance, a healthy respect for good food, and a nice helping of spa-like pampering come as standard in Biarritz, one of France’s chicest resorts.


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Biarritz is at its best between June and September when its famous sands and warm Mediterranean waters welcome the multitude of surfers and beachbabes who fly in each year. It's a brilliant time to discover the city as its lively and vibrant with holidaymakers out enjoying the hot dry weather even after dark.

Avoid the crowds

If you want to avoid the throngs of visitors and the high prices of the summer peak, consider flying to Biarritz in the autumn. By September, the French holidays are largely over leaving a few weeks of hot sunshine and warm waters to enjoy without the crowds. October, while a little cooler, is another great month to explore Biarritz.

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