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With rugged mountains, an ancient citadel and beautiful beaches and inlets right on its doorstep, Calvi's all the best bits of Corsica rolled into one.

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Calvi's population soars between June and September as jetsetters fly in to take advantage of the wonderfully hot, dry weather. It's the ideal time to relax on one of Calvi's sublime white-sand beaches or to explore with a boat trip. Summer is a lively time to be in the town with series of concerts, lots of fun events and a high-end crowd that wouldn't be out of place in the French Riviera.

Avoid the crowds

Sidestep both the crowds on the beach and the high prices of peak summer by flying to Calvi in May, September or October. During these months, the weather is pleasantly warm and there's not too much rain, making it an ideal time to explore Calvi's incredible walking trails or simply to have some elbow room on the citadel's cobbled alleyways.

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