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Why fly to Manchester?

The most cosmopolitan city after London, Manchester is also one of Britain’s most modern cities, with a youthful and infectious vibe and cultural activities that are a class apart. If you’re looking for a true slice of Britain then look no further than Manchester, often described as England’s second city.

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Come to Manchester between June and August for the warmest temperatures and a good chance of sunshine, not to mention loads of events for all ages. Manchester is an amazing city to visit any time of year, though. Glam restaurants and bars sit alongside an epic shopping scene. And, of course, football fans can explore the stadiums of the legendary Manchester United and Manchester City clubs.

Avoid the crowds

With its ample shopping and nightlife offerings, Manchester’s a lively city at any time of year. Avoid the summer months for less people and lower prices. This is also the height of football season, so the pubs and parks can get very crowded, and driving in and out of the city can be a problem.

Your Manchester Questions Answered

Manchester's a historic port city which played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution. More recently, the city has become known more for its culture than its maritime history, with an influential music scene that's produced bands like The Smiths, Oasis, and Joy Division. And, of course, you can't mention Manchester without raving about the city's two football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City, and the bustling sports culture that they create within the city.
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