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Cheap flights to Cornwall allow you to experience the natural beauty of southwestern England. Book direct with easyJet and simplify your life (and your check-in process).

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Why fly to Cornwall?

When you take a flight to Cornwall, you see a whole new side of England. Combining breath-taking landscapes with charming village life, Cornwall offers opportunities for remarkable holidays. Take boat trips, go for long country walks, or even learn to surf- there’s so much to do in this beautiful corner of the world. The seafood and cider alone are worth the trip! 

The weather in Cornwall


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Does it rain a lot in Cornwall?

Cornwall does receive a lot of rain - an average of 1500 mm per year! The rainiest month is December, so choose a different month if you're hoping for a sunny seaside escape.

Which part of Cornwall is warmest?

Pendennis Point in Falmouth is famous as the hottest place on the UK's mainland- so if you're looking for summer temperatures, it's your best bet.

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