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The British Rock of Gibraltar continues to grow in popularity as a Mediterranean short break destination.  It's less than 3 hours from home, its sterling currency guarantees there will be no costly conversion rate and Gibraltar’s VAT free status gives visitors an added incentive to visit the shops.

Gibraltar is small, just 6.8sq kilometres, but is packed with a range of activity appealing to all.  Its compact nature means it’s mostly navigable on foot and transfer time from landing at Gibraltar International Airport to arrival at your hotel is swift. Don't be fooled by Gibraltar's size, the honeycomb nature of the Rock itself means there's almost fifty kilometres of tunnels and caves to explore including the breath taking St Michael's Cave which is open to visitors during the day as well as an auditorium for evening concerts .

With a growth in multigenerational travel, Gibraltar is increasingly appealing to all age groups with greater dialogue about its lesser known treasures. Bursting with history, the Gorham’s Cave Complex was granted UNESCO World Heritage Status. Gorham’s Cave is the last known site of Neanderthal survival, some 28,000 years ago. A new tour has recently launched which takes visitors by sea to the cave where Neanderthal engravings have been found.

The Rock of Gibraltar is often characterised by its Barbary Macaques. During WWII, Winston Churchill increased the number of resident Macaques to protect Gibraltar’s British legacy – it was believed that if the Macaques left Gibraltar so would the British. Less known, is that during WWII, servicemen assembled Spitfire planes from inside the limestone Rock ready to assist the war effort. Gibraltar’s caves are available to explore and for many young teenagers and adults resemble a living history book.

Another new attraction is the Windsor Bridge, Gibraltar’s first suspension bridge, which forms part of the Thrill Seekers Trail in the Upper Rock.  71 metres long, it is located between two Batteries and constructed over a 50 metre gorge.

Lesser known are Gibraltar’s beaches, small and extremely popular with locals, but there’s still plenty of opportunity for sun, sea and sand. There are also two stylish marinas bursting with shops and restaurants. You'll also find commercial boats to take you out into the bay. Dolphin watching is a favoured activity by tourists with tours offered from Gibraltar’s marinas together with diving and sailing activities.

Gibraltar is promoting a year of culture campaign which highlights the full calendar of activity on offer throughout the year including many international festivals celebrating music, food and the arts.

If the beauty of the place puts you in a romantic mood then you won’t be the first.  The warm climate and natural dramatic settings have led to a significant rise in couples choosing to wed and honeymoon on the Rock.  Gibraltar earned its status in the romantic stakes in the 1950s and 60s following a string of high profile weddings, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Visit Gibraltar and discover Gibraltar's treasures for yourself.

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