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Why fly to Jersey?

If you’re craving that next adventure, then escape to the island of Jersey for an island break with a difference.

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Best time to visit

Beautiful Jersey – the largest of the Channel Islands – has something to offer all year round. Come in July or August to make the most of the gorgeous beaches. This is when the temperatures are warmest and the sea is suitable for swimming in. Or visit in the cooler spring months to tackle the clifftop walking trails and appreciate the blooming wildflowers.

Avoid the crowds

It might not be warm enough to relax on the beach, but visit the isle of Jersey in September or October and the prices are lower, the crowds have died down and you’ll have a better choice when it comes to accommodation. These are perfect months for walkers to explore the sprawling countryside, and for culture buffs to check out the island’s historical sights.

Your Jersey Questions Answered

Jersey isn't a country; it's a British Crown Dependency. This means it's self-governing, has its own financial and legal systems, and is not part of the United Kingdom. Jersey is under the British Crown but has a lot of freedom to do its own thing.

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