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Bio Security - FAQS

What measures are you putting in place?

We are introducing a number of measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers and crew while travelling. These include:

  • The additional cleaning and disinfection procedures for aircraft cabins on top of an existing daily aircraft cleaning schedule with every aircraft subject to a daily disinfection process which provides surface protection from viruses that lasts for at least 24 hours.
  • All passengers and crew will be required to wear masks onboard at all times.
  • Initially when flights restart, the Bistro and Boutique service will not be available.
  • All flights will be equipped with spare sanitary equipment including masks, gloves and hand sanitiser to ensure these are available to customers and crew at all times onboard, if required.
  • easyJet’s aircraft are already fitted with state of art filtration technology. High efficiency particle arresting filters filter 99.97% of airborne contaminants in the cabin, including viruses and bacteria. These filters are the same as those used in hospitals and through them the cabin air gets replaced every 3-4 minutes.

What measures will you have in place at the airport?

To protect customers and ground crew in the airport, customers will be able to use our automated bag drop to check in their hold luggage and screens will be in place at our check in desks and at airports where auto bag drop is not available. Ground crew and cabin will not handle any customer documents during boarding so customers will be asked to present and scan their own documents. We already encourages all customers to check in online and download their boarding pass onto their smart phone or to print their own boarding passes before arriving at the airport. Our ground crew will also wear gloves and masks at all times when transporting customer luggage to and from the aircraft.

Further recommendations for airports indicate there may also be measures in places at airports such as wearing masks, self-declaration health forms to be completed ahead of departure, and temperature screening. We are working with all airports where it operates to understand what measures will be in place to protect customers.

Are you providing passengers with masks?

Passengers will be required to provide their own masks and we would encourage all customers to ensure they have a mask ready to be worn before arriving at the airport. There may be dispensing machines for masks available at airports however we strongly encourage everyone to arrive with a mask as well as check the airport website for further guidance ahead of travel.

What  if I can’t wear a mask for medical reasons?

You will need to have a medical exemption letter from your doctor stating you  are unable to wear a face mask and are fit to fly.

Do children and infants/babies also have to wear a mask?

In line with the guidance all passengers including children over the age of six will be required to wear a mask.

Will your cabin crew be wearing masks?

Yes all our crew will be required to wear masks during the flight.

Will there be social distancing on board?

The new guidelines set down by the regulators do not recommend social distancing onboard however where possible, crew will invite customers to sit at distance from customers not in their party where seats are available. There are a number of other measures in place to protect customers and crew onboard in line with new guidelines.

What guidance are you following?

We are following the guidance set out by the WHO, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) which is also recognised by civil aviation authorities and national governments, as well as the European Aviation Safety Agency, the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and Public Health England. Our own easyJet bio security standards group regularly reviews standards and recommended practices from these organisations.

How long will the measures be in place?

These measures will remain in place on our flights while needed and we will continue to work with the relevant authorities to review and assess the requirement for them in the longer term.

Will these measures be in place and be the same on every single flight and at every airport?

Our easyJet Bio Security Standards are aligned to all regulatory requirements for every flight and we would expect all airports where we operate to ensure the required standards are met for our customers.

Will temperature checks be done on departure and arrival?

This will vary by airport. For some journeys there may be a check at departure and on arrival as it depends on the country or airport requirements. We would advise customers to check with the airports they are travelling from and to ahead of travel for more information.

Will customers be able to eat and drink onboard?

Yes customers can bring their own food and drink onboard. Masks can be temporarily moved whilst a customer is seated to facilitate eating or drinking. Masks will be required to be in place whenever a customer moves around the cabin, including embarking and disembarking the aircraft.

Will there be any inflight services provided on board such as food and boutique?

There will initially be no bistro or boutique service onboard. Water will be available for passengers where requested.