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Sports equipment

You can take most sports equipment as well as your hold luggage when you fly with us.

Sports equipment allowance

You can buy one piece of sport equipment per customer.

There’s no limit to the number of small sports equipment allowed on a booking, as long as it doesn’t exceed one per person.

To make sure we have enough room for everyone's bags, we limit the hold allowance for large sports equipment. You can only buy a maximum of 6 items of large sports equipment for any booking online, even if there are more than 6 customers on the booking. If you’d like to add more than this, please contact our Customer Services Team who can check available space.

We have two size allowances for sports equipment:

Small (20kg max) Large (32kg max)
Golf clubs Bicycles
(please see requirements below)
Skis and boots
Canoes and kayaks
Wind surfers or surfboards
Diving equipment Hang gliders
Pole vaults up to 450cm
Sporting firearms
(please see requirements below)

To check items that aren’t included on the list above, or if you’d like to buy more than six items of large sports equipment, please contact our Customer Services Team.

Adding sports equipment to your booking

How to pack your bicycle

Carrying sporting or competition firearms

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