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Damaged, delayed or lost luggage

We know it’s distressing to find your bags are damaged, delayed or lost and we’ll do all we can to fix the issue as quickly as we can.

Damaged luggage

If your bag is damaged we’ll ask you to complete a Damage Report (PIR) at our Baggage Services desk in the Arrivals hall. Our Ground Crew will be on hand to help you complete the form.  You can also report damage to your bags within seven days of your arrival by emailing: admin@damagedluggage.com

We can’t be responsible for damage that’s:

  • Superficial or external
  • Due to over-packing
  • From water, rain or snow
  • Caused by fragile or perishable items inside

Once you have a Damage Report (PIR) you’ll be able to log onto our online system to track your claim: Damaged Luggage. A password for the website is in the top right hand corner of your Damage Report (PIR).

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Delayed luggage

We’re sorry your bag has been delayed and we’ll do everything we can to return it to you as soon as we can.

If your bag is missing we’ll ask you to complete a Delayed Baggage Report at our Baggage Services desk in the Arrivals hall. We’ll search for your bag using the WorldTracer system, and keep you updated via email and sms on its progress. You can also track your bag online using WorldTracer or you can contact our Baggage Services team directly at the airport. Once we’ve found your bag we’ll arrange for a courier to deliver it to the address you provided at a time that suits you, or if you’d prefer, you can also collect it in person from the airport.

Please note: We’re unable to deliver delayed luggage in Morocco due to local customs regulations and all luggage must collected in person at the airport.

If we’ve not found your bag within five days you can contact our Baggage Tracing team via email: secondarytracing@1stflight.co.uk or call on +44 (0)333 577 7070.

Essential items

Lost luggage

In the unfortunate event that we are unable to find your luggage after 21 days you’ll be able to make a claim for compensation online. The amount payable will depend on the contents of your bag and any receipts you have as proof of purchase.

Damaged, delayed or lost luggage explained

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