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Damaged or delayed bags and lost property

We know it’s distressing to find your bags are damaged, delayed or lost and we’ll do all we can to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

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Damaged bags

We’re very sorry if your bag is damaged. If the damage happened when your luggage was in our care, we’ll do everything we can to repair or replace it as quickly as possible.

We’ll ask you to complete a damage report at our Baggage Services desk in the airport arrivals hall, staff there will be able to help you. If there’s no desk, or the desk is closed, there should be a self service alternative. This might be a baggage services kiosk, a bell to call, or a poster with a QR code.

Our Ground Crew will be on hand to help you complete the form or in some cases you’ll be able to do this yourself using our self-service machine.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you take photos of any damage and aim to report it BEFORE you leave the airport or as soon as possible afterwards. Photos taken later may not be accepted. You need to report and then complete the registration of your claim within 7 days of your flight. Make a report.

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Delayed bags

If your bag is missing from the Arrivals Hall when you land, you should contact a member of the Baggage Services Team within the airport to help you. If they are unable to retrieve your bag before you leave the airport or, if there’s no one available, or you’re pushed for time, you can use our dedicated Baggage Portal to register your bag. You need to make sure you do this within 24 hours of your flight arriving.

Why is my bag delayed?

What happens next?

Up to 5 days after your arrival

More than 90% our delayed bags are found by our airport teams within the first five days. If your bags are found in this time, we’ll be in touch to let you know, and to organise getting your bag back to you as soon as possible. You can also check the status of your bag and find contact details for your airport via our online portal.

Between 6 and 45 days after your arrival

If your bag hasn’t been found within 5 days of you reporting it on our online portal, our Specialist Baggage Tracing team will continue to look for your bag, and will contact you when we have any further information. You can also check the status of your bag via this online portal or speak to our team via Live Chat.

Chat to us

If your bag has been delayed by more than 5 days, you can chat to a member of our Delayed Baggage Tracing Team.

Chat is available from 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday (UK time).

Chat to us

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Travelling to Gibraltar?

Has your bag been delayed for more than 45 days?

Essential items

If you’re away from home and your bag hasn’t been returned to you within 24 hours, we understand that you’ll need to buy essential toiletries and basic clothing. For this we’ll reimburse up to £25 per person per day, for up to three days (that’s a maximum of £75 per person in total). To claim the money back, please keep all receipts and submit them online within 21 days of your flight.

We’ll pay your claim in Pounds Sterling, Euros or other local currency converted at the daily rate at the time of payment. A claim is only valid if you were away from home and have proof of all expenses incurred.


Lost property

Did you forget something on one of our flights or at the airport? Not to worry, we’re here to help.Anchor

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Lost passports or identity documents

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