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Musical instruments

Taking instruments into the cabin

To take an instrument on board it must be smaller than 30cm x 120cm x 38cm and placed in the overhead locker. Violins, violas, flutes, piccolos clarinets, trumpets and bugles fall into this category and count as one cabin bag each. You can’t book a seat for small instruments as we’re unable to secure them safely into a seat.

If you’re carrying an instrument as your only cabin bag and you’re unable to fit everything in it, you can also bring a small under seat bag for free.

A large musical instrument like a cello can go in the cabin too, but you have to buy a seat for it.  If you’d prefer, you can check your instrument into the hold instead by buying a hold luggage allowance.

To book a seat for your instrument, you’ll need to add a passenger to your booking and then use ‘Mr Seat Cello’ for the passenger name. For safety reasons instruments can only be placed in window seats and the maximum height including the case is 110cm.

If you’ve already booked your flights, and need to add a musical instrument please contact our Customer Service team.

Putting instruments in the hold

Any instrument larger than 30cm x 120cm x 38cm like a double bass or harp can’t be taken on board the aircraft as cabin baggage. You’ll need to add hold luggage to your booking for these items. Please ensure it’s packed safely and securely.

We recommend you buy specialist travel insurance to cover your musical instrument before you travel.

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