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We were proud to be the first among the major airlines in the world to fully offset the carbon emissions from the fuel used for all our flights, and continue to be the only major European airline to do so. We do this by spending millions of pounds each year supporting projects that either avoid the creation of new carbon emissions elsewhere in the world, or directly remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The avoided or sequestered carbon emissions correspond to easyJet’s operational carbon footprint’.

Offsetting easyJet’s carbon emissions is achieved via forestry and renewable energy projects that are certified to the highest standards in this field. We are aware that offsetting is not a long-term solution, but we believe it currently represents the best way to address the impact of carbon emitted from flying. In parallel we will undertake to reduce our carbon emission intensity, while supporting the development in the medium to long term of zero emission propulsion in aviation. Since 2000 we have reduced our carbon emissions per passenger kilometre by one third.

What is carbon offsetting?

How has easyJet selected the offsetting companies?

Will this really offset your emissions?

Can I choose if I want to pay to offset or not?

Is this an additional cost to my ticket price?

How much of easyJet’s total emissions is fuel?

How are you cutting back on the use of single use plastics?

Do you recycle your waste from your flights?

What work are you doing on electric and hydrogen planes?

How do we measure this?

Which gases are we offsetting?

What are we doing to reduce emissions other than supporting the development of zero emissions aircraft?

How do we calculate how much to offset?

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