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Remember that old travel guide image of Spain as a country of only bullfighting, flamenco dancing and mile after mile of sun-drenched beaches?

They're all still here of course, but anyone travelling to Spain will discover a world far beyond these stereotypical images. From the world's party capital Ibiza, to the overflowing art gallery that is Madrid, Spain satisfies all tastes, whether they are for egg and chips, or for jamon serrano. Busy beach resorts of the Costa BlancaMallorca and Tenerife keep the crowds happy with the three S's, Sun, Sea and Sangria, while some of Spain's best cities to visit like Valencia and Barcelona attract others with their culture, amazing architecture and world-class museums...

Of course if you get off the beaten track you'll find another world completely. Medieval cities like Murcia with their World Heritage sites, fairytale castles perched on hilltops and beautiful towns littered with Islamic architecture are waiting to be discovered. Even the countryside is in on the act. Believe it or not Spain has one of Europe's most varied landscapes, from impossibly lush pastures in the northern region of Asturias, to the stunning deserts of Andalucia in the south.

But for whatever reason you chose to come to Spain you're sure to have a good time while you're here. One thing that the Spanish have in common is a shared sense of fun. Well, what other country has festivals that include throwing millions of rotten tomatoes at each other or being chased around a city by a bull? Let's just say the Spanish know how to throw a party, so the best piece of travel advice is to jump right in and join them.


Spain weather

Spain's weather is its biggest selling point. Its south, east and central regions experience hot summers, with average temperatures in the late 20s and early 30s. If you've already started build up a sweat reading this you can always escape to the north, which sees the Atlantic Ocean keep temperatures lower.

The winter climate in Spain is generally mild; although in the central plains like Madrid average temperatures can drop quite low, so wrap up warm. And if you are still in doubt as to the best time to go then head to the Canary Islands where you can be assured of summer weather all year round.


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