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Cheap flights to Preveza. One of western Greece’s little-known diamonds, this coastal town at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf is both pleasant and peaceful. Its atmospheric old bazaar area has a tight-knit set of alleys with a number of fine buildings that have survived from the Ottoman period, including a selection of excellent ouzeris (taverns). Although there are several small museums in town, the main attraction for history buffs is outside: just 8km north is Nikopolis (or ‘Victory City’, as the name translates), which was created under the order of Roman Emperor Octavian (later Emperor Augustus) to commemorate his win over Anthony and Cleopatra’s fleet at nearby Actium in 31BC.

Your Preveza Questions Answered

You can get to Preveza from the airport by road. Since the town is only around three kilometres away from the airport, you can take a bus, taxi, or private car without spending too much. If you really want to watch your budget, you can opt for the direct KTEL Lefkadas bus, which departs three times a day. Going the inexpensive bus route only takes 15 minutes, but you can also take a taxi to get dropped off directly at your accommodation. These may cost a little more but can cut your travel time to under 10 minutes.
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