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Steeped in history and mythology and surrounded by mountains and sea, Volos is ideal for a short break.


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While Volos is a year-round destination with a mild Mediterranean climate, June, July and August are when the majority of visitors choose to fly in. These high summer months are hot, but not unbearably so, in large part thanks to the sea and mountain breezes that permeate the city. It's primetime for spending long sunny days at the beaches near Anavros or further down the Pagasetic Gulf.

Avoid the crowds

To escape the hustle and bustle of high summer, fly to Volos in May or September. During these months you'll still be able to enjoy the beach but the slightly cooler weather means it's just right for exploring the area on the city's extensive bike paths and discovering the incredible foothills of Mount Pelion, the mythical home of the centaurs.

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