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Why fly to Thessaloniki?

We all know about Athens, but if you are looking for a real flavour of Greece you should head to the country’s second city Thessaloniki. Well, it was named after the sister of Alexander the Great and you can’t get much more Greek than that. As all proud inhabitants will happily inform you,

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Best time to visit

June, July and August in Thessaloniki are hot and slightly humid, filled with sunshine and long hours of daylight. The weather during these months is ideal for the beach and the sea is at its warmest temperature. You'll find the restaurants and bars in Ladadika fully packed with lively locals and rather a lot of holiday makers.

Avoid the crowds

April, September and October are the best months to fly into Thessaloniki as the city isn't quite so blazingly hot, the beaches have a little more space on their sands and the prices for flights and accommodation are that bit lower than in the peak summer.

Your Thessaloniki Questions Answered

Yes, Thessaloniki and Thessalonica refer to the same place. The only difference is that Thessaloniki is the modern-day name for this city. Up until the early 20th century, this city used the name Thessalonica, which followed Latin naming conventions. Both names come from Alexander the Great's half-sister, Thessalonike of Macedon.

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