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Music Instruments

Musical instruments are permitted for carriage as Hand Baggage provided that the instrument, including its case, does not exceed 30cm x 120cm x 38cm. Violins, violas, piccolos, flutes, clarinets, bugles and trumpets all fall within these dimensions. Carriage as Hand Baggage is subject to available space in the overhead lockers and strictly at the Captain's discretion. Please note the instrument will be classed as Your one allowed piece of Hand Baggage.

Larger instruments (with the exception of cellos) must be checked in as Hold Luggage, subject to payment of the baggage fee, and cannot weigh more than 32kg.

When it is not practical to combine the instrument with another item of Hand Baggage into a single piece in accordance with Our hand baggage policy, You can carry one small additional piece (e.g. ladies handbag or laptop) if it is not practical to check this item as Hold Luggage. .

Cellos may be taken into the cabin provided an additional seat is purchased for the item. Due to the size of the cello, it fits well into the seat and the seat belt can fit around it, making it secure. A smaller instrument (e.g. violin, guitar etc) could slip out of the seat belt restraint and fall onto the floor of the cabin, which could be hazardous in the event of an emergency. For instruments larger than a cello (e.g. double bass, harp, etc) there is no option to purchase a seat as these instruments are too large and heavy.

If You are making a Booking online at and wish to purchase a seat for a cello please add an additional seat during the online booking process and use the passenger name MR SEAT CELLO. Please note that You must check in online for this seat as well as Your own.

If You have already made your Booking and wish to add a cello please call our Customer Service Team.

We recommend that You purchase insurance to cover any instruments that You are travelling with.