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Why fly to Porto Santo?

Madeira’s chilled-out little sister certainly is petite, at just 11km long and 6km wide. But what Porto Santo lacks in size it more than makes up for in romance. The very name – meaning ‘holy harbour’ – refers to the time its first Portuguese colonists were accidentally blown to safety on its previously-undiscovered shores during a freak Atlantic storm in the 15th-century. Christopher Columbus, no less, is said to have lived and married on the island – you can still mooch around his modest home, now a bijou museum.

The weather in Porto Santo


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Is the sea warm in Porto Santo?

The water in Porto Santo can get quite cold, but is typically comfortable for swimming from July to October.

How hot is September in Porto Santo?

Summer stays longer in Porto Santo, with temperatures averaging 23°C throughout the whole month of September.

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