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Looking for cheap flights to Funchal, Portugal’s hidden gem? Look no further than easyJet – book direct and simplify your travel plans, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

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Why fly to Funchal?

Funchal, located on Portugal’s beautiful island of Madeira, is a city bursting with charm, and natural beauty. When you book a flight to Madeira (landing in Funchal), you’ll be swept away by its lush landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality. Make the most of your time here by experiencing local traditions, getting out in nature, and eating extremely well! 

The weather in Funchal


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When does the sun set in Funchal in the summer?

The sun normally sets around 9 pm during Funchal's summer, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the balmy days.

Is it always cloudy in Funchal?

The Funchal skies are typically foggy in the morning, but clear up in the afternoon for the sun to shine through!

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