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Why fly to Agadir?

Perfect year-round weather, beaches to die for and prices that won’t break the bank balance; this pretty much sums up what Morocco’s premier resort Agadir is all about.

When's the best time to go?


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Best time to visit

Heatseekers fly to Agadir between July and August. Rarely reaching the excesses of elsewhere in Morocco, the shoreline is cooled by Atlantic breezes. The sea is at its warmest too, although always a little chilly due to cold currents. There's little chance of rain but early mornings can feature mists. Another peak in visitor numbers happens between December and February as Europeans escape to Agadir's mild, sunny winters with marginal rain.

Avoid the crowds

For sunny days, shoulder season prices and more elbow room, fly into Agadir in April, May, June or September. While the sea may be too cold for swimming until mid June, you should be able to get some time on the beach. Things cool down only slightly in September (although there can be morning mists and chilly evenings) and the water holds its high summer temperature.

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