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Why fly to Essaouira?

Cheap flights to Essaouira This 18th century walled city on the Atlantic coast comes complete with canons, ramparts and citadels – certain to conjure up exciting, romantic images of piracy or nomadic trading. In the days when it thrived as Morocco’s principal port, its labyrinthine medina would have been a haven for wheelers and dealers of spices and exotic goods, and in the 20th century these twisting passageways attracted westerners in search of the exotic, from Hollywood - as the backdrop for Orson Welles adaptation of Othello in 1949 - to 60s hippies, from Dylan to Hendrix. Today, it's considered a classic example of a late 18th-century fortified town, transferred to North Africa by European colonists, and listed by UNESCO.

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Essaouira is one of Morocco's loveliest seaside towns and sees the majority of its visitors fly in to enjoy its warm sands between July and August. This is peak tourist season, when holidaymakers from foreign shores and elsewhere in the country alike flock to take in the copious sunshine tempered by cool ocean breezes. The sea temperatures are at their warmest in July.

Avoid the crowds

For cheaper flight and hotel prices, fly to Essaouira in April, May, June or September. You'll get plenty of sun with hardly any rainfall, although the water may be too chilly to swim until later in June. Windsurfers and Kitesurfers will be delighted with the breezy weather and if it interferes with sunbathing on the beach, visits to the ramparts and the medina will happily fill a couple of days.

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